Our Basic Ice Cream Blend in Brick UHT is the meeting between high quality ingredients: Rice and Rice Syrup. In this way you will have a light ice cream, with a great quality, adding the taste you prefer! Being sugar-free added, milk and dairy products, gluten, animal products, preservatives, dyes, hydrogenated fats, artificial flavors and 100% veg, this product is suitable for everyone.

With the Rice Line Ice Cream Mixture Base the whim becomes a daily pleasure to enjoy with love for yourself and respect for the environment thanks to the careful selection of quality ingredients and the desire to give health with taste.

The only products made by Rice and Rice Syrup, to give lightness, taste and wellness!

A product designed for those who have particular needs, such as celiacs and intolerant to lactose, or for those who need to stick to a specific diet. A product suitable for everyone, from the smallest to the most demanding customer. Thanks to the rice mixture, each taste will have a natural flavor, for a sensory immersive experience!


rice based ice cream

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